Korn & Letzas Lawyers PartG mbB (partnership with limited professional liability)
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Legal Form:

Korn & Letzas Lawyers Part mbB is a partnership with limited professional liability according to section 8 of the Partnership Companies Act and consists of the following independent professionals:

  • Dr. Thilo H. Korn, LL.M., Partner, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Labour Law, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Insolvency Law, VAT-No.: DE 182 323 528  FA Leipzig
  • Dr. Lars Letzas, Partner, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Labour Law, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Commercial and Company Law
  • Dr. Dagmar Unger-Hellmich, Partner, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Labour Law
  • Michael Knoch, Partner, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer for Tenancy and Residential Property Law

Authorized to represent the law firm:

Value added tax identification number:


The further working for the law firm lawyers are employees or freelancers and not members of the partnership. They are not a party to the attorney-client relationship with the law firm Korn & Letzas.

All lawyers of Korn & Letzas lawyers are admitted in the Federal Republic of Germany as a lawyer and member of the Bar Council of Saxony, Atrium am Rosengarten, Glacisstrasse 6, 01099 Dresden, Tel .: +49 351/318590 Fax: +49 351/3360899, Email:,

The following professional regulations apply:

BRAO Federal Lawyers Act
BORA Professional Regulations Act
FAO Specialist Lawyer Regulations
RVG Lawyers’ Compensation Act
CCBE Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union
EuRAG Rules of Practice for Lawyers of the European Union, law on the activity of European lawyers in Germany from 9.3.2000


The professional regulations can be found on the side of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (, menu “Berufsrecht”, in English and German.

Lawyers are prohibited from representing conflicting interests according to section 43a Abs. 4 BRAO. Before accepting a mandate we therefore always check whether a conflict of interests exists.

The partners:

  • Dr. Thilo H. Korn, LL.M.
  • Dr. Lars Letzas
  • Dr. Dagmar Unger-Hellmich
  • Michael Knoch

and listed below salaried lawyers:

  • Sarah Müller
  • Thomas Nicklisch

have professional liability insurance with:

  • Allianz Versicherungs AG, 10900 Berlin

In disputes between lawyers and their clients, upon request, there is the possibility of extra-judicial dispute resolution in the regional Bar Association Saxony:

Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen
Atrium am Rosengarten
Glacisstrasse 6
01099 Dresden
Phone: +49(0)351/318590
Fax: +49(0)351/3360899

(in accordance with § 73 para. 2 no. 3 in conjunction with § 73 para. 5 BRAO) or at the conciliation body of the legal profession (§ 191 f. BRAO ) of the Federal Bar Association:

Schlichtungsstelle der Rechtsanwaltschaft
Rauchstr. 26
D-10787 Berlin
Phone: +49(0)30/2844417-0
Fax: +49(0)30/2844417-12

For further information, please contact the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (, the regional Bar Association Saxony ( or the conciliation body of the legal profession (

Online dispute resolution (ODR):

The ODR platform is operational and accessible to consumers and traders under: Consumers and traders are able to address their request for dispute settlement to this platform.

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Dr. Ute Schmidt

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