Commercial and Company Law

Companies and medium-sized enterprises today are faced with a variety of legal possibilities and strategies. Already, German Company Law allows the realization of different business models by offering the choice between partnerships and corporations. In addition, the growing importance of EU Law opens up new legal forms (for instance Societas Europaea, European Economic Interest Grouping), new markets and new opportunities for cooperation.

To help You find the right corporate form fitting for You and in all other questions significant in economic traffic our Commercial and Company Law team stands to You aside in consultation and process guidance. We advise You in all areas of Commercial and Company Law, such as:

  • Elaborating of CEO-employment contracts
  • Consulting with and appeal against shareholder resolutions
  • Founding of new companies
  • Disclosure requirements for the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Exclusion of shareholders
  • Disputes on liquidation, dissolution and winding-up of a partnership
  • Agency agreements

Your contact:

  • Dr. Lars Letzas, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer in Labour Law and Certified Specialist Lawyer in Commercial and Company Law
  • Thomas Nicklisch, Lawyer, Certified Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law