Tenancy and Residential Property Law

Tenancies involve high conflict potential. Not only the termination of the lease, but also the annual operating budget and defects in the rented property or defaulting tenants have repeatedly become a source of conflict. This is valid equally in Commercial and Residential Tenancy Law.

Apartment owners are in a special situation: On the one hand they are owners and can therefore dispose freely of their property (= the apartment). On the other hand, they have to coordinate with the other apartment owners on the use, care and maintenance of the common property (= hall, garage, yard, driveway, etc.). Here the interests and views of the individual owners can vary widely.

We advise and represent lessers, condominium associations, managers and tenants in all Tenancy and Residential Property Law issues, eg.:

  • Terminations of residential/ commercial rental agreement
  • Eviction
  • Operating expense reports
  • Receivership
  • Defects in the rented property and rent reduction
  • Rent increase
  • Possibilities of renegotiation of rent
  • Check and if necessary appeal against decisions of the condominium owners’ assembly
  • Enforcement of decisions of the condominium owners’ assembly and housing benefit claims
  • Audit of financial statements and business plans
  • Advising ownership community administrations

Your Contact:

  • Michael Knoch, Lawyer and Certified Specialist Lawyer in Tenancy and Residential Property Law