Labour Law

The working environment is constantly changing. Employees and employers need to continuously adapt to new conditions. Not only economic and cyclical changes, but also legal developments confront those involved in working life with new challenges. New legislation such as the General Equal Treatment Act or the Minimum Wage Law must be implemented by employers, works or staff councils, trade unions and employees in daily practice. At the same time a number of judgements whose meaning can be crucial for the daily interaction in businesses and companies are issued every year.

Our Labour Law team advises and represents You in all Labour Law issues:

  • Employment relationship disputes (dismissals, transfers, fixed-term contracts, early retirement contracts, …)
  • Disputes about classification, holidays, overtime, …
  • Elaboration and examination of Work contracts
  • Questions of co-determination
  • Legal collective decision-making process and implementation of conciliation proceedings
  • Consultancy and implementation of mergers and restructurings (reconciliation of interests and social plan, notifiable collective redundancies, …)

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