Labor law seminars

Especially in the labor workers, employers, staff and works councils should cooperate trustingly. Conflicts should be avoided whenever possible. So it is essential to be fully informed about rights and obligations, their enforceability and the procedures for this purpose established by the legal system.

Our employment law team led by lawyer and labor law specialist Dr. Thilo Korn, LL.M. therefore offers in cooperation with the Leipzig GmbH seminars for employers, employees and work councils courses that are optimally matched to the respective participants and provide them with the knowledge preparing them for the tasks assigned to them in their daily work.
We offered seminars deal with, among other things:

  • Introduction to Employment Law
  • Grouping and regrouping
  • Involvement and participation of the operation, or staff council
  • The General Equal Treatment Act
  • The Employment Act
  • The youth delegation
  • Co-determination rights of the works council in merger and restructuring